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It Was The Snow
It was the snow
That had lots of glow
It went off with a blow
And that's what I know
Woods returned to ashes
As all trees are gone
White dove I thought
But dead doves I've got
Not only the forest had lots of rain
But also the desert was full of pain
Why can't the robin be heard
Or is it the mocking bird
The one that is seen and heard
Where is the wood I used to make my house with
And where is the tree I used to mediate in
Or is everything gone
Don't worry
Doves won't extinct
The white dove's daughter will come soon enough
But till that day
When robins are heard
Doves are flying
Trees are planted
And woods are back
I should be happy
But I shall be gone
It was the snow
That had lots of glow
Date: 9.19.2012
In: "Day Book"
Done By: Lightened Lucia
:iconmybirdofprey1:MyBirdOfPrey1 0 0
Why Am I Doing This?
Well the answer is pretty simple you know. The answer is “BECAUSE I CAN”. I believe I have the experience to represent my class 9.B. Whoever thinks I’m small I might be bigger than their heads. I can create imagination. Because I can is something I believe in. I can try to run for student council and I can win, and I want to win, and I have the ability to do it so why not do it is the question people should be asking. We all can; and for those who can’t stand then that’s a talent in me. I CAN. I believe that no matter how dark the night gets, the sun still rises in the morning, and I know that it rises for us. I believe that no matter how depressing our lives get or ever got in the past, school is always a stand up building you go to everyday. It’s risen for you like the sun. I want all high school students to believe that their school is like their morning sun. I want them to say “I want to go to school” not just act sick to stay home an
:iconmybirdofprey1:MyBirdOfPrey1 0 2
Life And Reasons
   There was once I was hatted by a teammate and he wished me to die. We had our fights and differences, and when I smile he becomes mad and angry. I never started a fight with him, but I'm sure, he'll never start one with me. At a day he told me "You're a loser that will never ever gain a life with purpose, and if you die, it's no difference ... ", he said other stuff too, but I left with a frown sculptured on my heart. I never tell people much of my problems, nor plans for solutions. I stayed a week away from him and hiding my face before I close my eyes for suiciding, till I realized, there was no reason except that I AM the reason. I met him again and before he talks, I speaked and said "Life doesn't give us a reason to live on, like you said. I know it's true now. Life doesn't give us a reason to live on ... WE give LIFE a purpose to hang and carry on". I got the red rage out of him and he yelled at me "But you said you hate life!!" I replied with the truth "No matter ho
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Well I think I made a lot of literature in my "Day Book" lately so I'm gonna start to post them. Please be nice and read them :3 Comment and fav also please. They're really wise pieces of writings ^^ Please and thank you

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Lucia Ayman Fathi
Artist | Hobbyist | Photography
Hiya guys! I'm a girl, my name is Lucia. If it's hard you can call me Lu like most people do. I like making new friends, I can tell you everything about me if become a good friend to me, honestly. I love DC comics, and I really really love the DCnU. (Especially "JLD" "Teen Titans" "Nightwing" and "Batgirl" )

My top favorite female heroes are:
-Zatanna Zatara
-Barbara Gordon
-Cassandra Sandsmark

My top favorite male heroes are:
-Dick Grayson
-John Constantine
-Tim Drake

I love these six so much but I also love a lot more :) I have plenty of ask accounts but I only use three normal and two YJ XD And they are ...

:iconask-zatanna-zatara: Zatanna Zatara
:iconask-barbara-gordon: Barbara Gordon
:iconask-cassie-sandsmark: Cassandra Sandsmark // Shared though

:iconask-yj-batgirl: Batgirl
:iconask-yj-wondergirl: Wondergirl

My pairings that I like for those are ...

I'm kind and friendly, and I really don't like troubles from anyways and I try not to get in some. I like drawing and coloring. I'm good at writing and photography also. I live in Cairo, Egypt so I'm not sure if I get in perfect time like others ^^; I hope if I could be your friend :) Feel welcome to come and talk at anytime if you want to know more about me! :D

Best Friend (Male): JOHNYYYY!!!!

Best Friend (Female): EDITEEE!!!!!

o3o Me is single and proud! Me doesn't have to have relationship. Me is great XD


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